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A good plan violently executed now …

… is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

George S. Patton


So true, Patton. So true.

No matter the situation,the market, or the period of time, just starting a plan today is better than where you were yesterday.

In today’s fast-paced environment, planning your sales and marketing strategy is key.
Plan something. Start somewhere. Tweak as you go. Refine what you have learned. Expand on what works (for you). Study the new and emerging trends, innovations, and evolving buyer behavior, and adapt your sales and marketing plans.

It is an ever changing global economy, and we must jump aboard.
Take the bull by its horns and get out there – before it’s too late. Before your competition executes it’s plan today, while you wait to execute your perfect plan next week.

There is no wrong way. There is no right way.
What works for other niches may not work for you, but study what they have learned. Research the heck out of the market you are in, and find something anywhere to try on today. If it’s a little too snug, expand a little. If it’s a little too loose, cinch the extra. If it’s not the right color, find the one that is. But in trying these different strategies you have already begun to emerge. You have put your foot out there. You have started to brand yourself. You have obtained a follower or two.

You have begun to begin, and begin you have.


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