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Announce Your New Website with a Press Release

The Art of the Press Release and Web Design

Frisco and Plano Logo and Web Design

Memorable, high quality logos make a difference.  Often clients do not realize the multi-functional capacity of a logo we design.

Each of the major press release companies and most web directories provide the option of uploading your logo.  Your Company Logo is often the first impression potential clients have of your services and/or products.

Syndication and Websites

If you write  a release that will become syndicated to other highly regarded sites that release will have value.  This will syndication will typically include your logo – which is why you logo design is important on many levels.

Getting your press release picked up, even with the best logo, can be difficult.  The fact is, most releases have no value, and no one will republish the release.  In that event, the release has minimal value.  Additionally, there is the underlying reality that press releases come with significant costs – unless the release is tickerized, such as for a publicly traded company your investment will most likely find better value, outside of press releases.

Reputed PR websites like PRWeb and PRNewswire syndicate to solidly curated news-gathering websites. That kind of syndication results in higher ranking in Google searches as well as on Google News.

Google Announces Press Releases Have No Value – but is that true?

However, the issue post Panda and Penguin has been, do press releases carry the same value they always had?  The answer is not simple – and with Google this is often the case!

On December 26, 2013, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, announced that press releases have no value for SEO rankings.  Google forum thread that links within press releases won’t “benefit your rankings.”

However, this has not proven in effect to be a one hundred percent correct statement.  Read More on this important topic at Search Engine Land where in a live test analysis does not bear Matt Cutts theory to be accurate.

The press release is not a document that our algorithms will deem trustworthy in and of itself.  If a press release is announcing something truly helpful, useful, unique, etc., then there is a higher likelihood that someone somewhere online may see it and blog about it, write about it, link to it.  And it is from these secondary link sources where the potential exists for you to attract additional links that could help your organic search rank. The mistake people make is in their belief that the press release document is any different than any other document. And the syndication of press releases makes it quite easy to spot press releases, and ignore them from a linking standpoint. It’s what happens after the release, over time, that matters.  Eric Ward, link strategist (Ericward.com)

Free Press Release Sites and SEO Value

So now that you understand that PRs can still be useful, where should you syndicate your press release?

Free PR websites like PR.com and PRFire.co.uk provide good pagerank and service; paid PR websites like PRWeb need no introduction. A survey from 2011 suggests that free PR works well with a few websites though certainly the value is less post Penguin and Panda.

PR from PRWeb with the potential for syndication will have more value than a free PR website.  PR Fire and News Wire Today still provide some linking value.

Importance of Content and Tone in a Press Release

Both content and tone have equal weight in a valuable press release.

  • Relevancy for audience regarding the company
  • Communicate do not advertise
  • Give the reader value
  • Make the communication attractive with graphics
  • Keywords limited to one or two
  • Easy read
  • A professional, “journalistic” style

More Here:  Social PR: (this is the future of PR) http://www.pitchengine.com/

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