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Frisco Logo Designers!

Great Graphics Matter! 

Our logo design team is incredibly gifted!

Exhibit “A”below:

Being incredible graphic designers and logo designers is important to us, but admittedly, if we cannot be found through search engines, who will ever know?

At 2508Designs our logos are found on the websites we design which also goes hand in hand with search engine optmization.  We perceive our job as being multifacted.

First:  We hear you!  We do our best to deliver precisely as you request.  In that mandate we meet or exceed expectations.

Second:  Graphic design represents a crucial element of what we do.

Third:  Website design must be current to make a good impression.  We understand trends in web design.

Many of our clients for whom we do logo design or web design work link to one another – which provides a head start in link building.  We maintain a Google Spreadsheet for our clients and recommend linking to one another.  This represents a first step in SEO enhancement.

Ask Other Webmasters to Include You

The more unique your niche, typically the more receptive other webmasters are to referencing your blog!  Google your favorite terms associated with your focus and target identifiable webmasters you believe might be receptive.

Niels Bosmas SEO for Excel is a great way to organize this information.

Competitive Analysis – Who Links to Your Competitors

Back linking analysis is incredibly important.  Who is linking to your major competitors – how do they show up in search where they do?  Typically this is a function of high value websites linking to them.  There are many proprietary tools for back link analysis out there.  Moz.com has a good one, with limited entries for the free version.  This is a good way to begin to understand the concept of backlinking and how your competitor has achieved high rank.

Provide Useful and Thoughtful Content for Others

Social media works when you actively engage in the community.  Fundamentally, social media is active public relations.  Great article on how to be a part of your social community through meaningful content.  Good Answers and Great Questions.

Find thought leaders, active bloggers, freelancers and make a meaningful contribution in your niche.  This is really the only way to create a sustainable social media presence.  Of course, fantastic web design and great graphic design matter, but getting found with SEO matters as much!

Contribute, engage, be known.  This level of contribution takes time and effort.  It’s not for everyone.

2508 Web Design – Plano Texas

Call us at 2508 Web Design.  We are local designers with community roots.  We know what works and what matters across the board in web design.



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