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Key Words and SEO

Developing Your Keyword Campaign

We build SEO into all our web design!  With the new announcement that you must have an ‘adwords’ account with Google in order to use their Key Word Tool, Blumenthal’s Catgory Tool and Local Marketing Souces Keyword Research Tool are more important than ever.

When developing a ‘local’ keyword campaign we use these three tools:

Google Local Ultra-Important

Google Local has become more important than ever. The New Google Local Adword Key Planner is an important tool in determining how to focus your ad words or just determining which adwords work in your geographic location.

The new Local Adword Key Planner combines the data from the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator.

  • Narrowing your keyword approach will help to attract the visitors that have a specific interest in your product or service.

Engaging in “local keyword campaigns’ can be counter-intuitive in Google’s new interface design for ‘ad words.’ You actually want to “REMOVE THE COUNTRY TARGETING.” The logic is you are removing the COUNTRY targeting for a more geo-specific area, i.e. YOUR LOCAL marketing focus!

How is a Local Market Area Defined?

Google defines its local markets as they are defined by Google Maps. However, it is easy to expand that target area as well, and the new Adword tool makes that functionality easy.

In the Adword Tool you can “integrate the surrounding areas.” By selecting the “Surrounding Areas” option Google will make suggestions or you may select your own defined geographic area as “a country, city, or region.”

Why Does this Matter?

The reality is that different geographic regions have different needs. Various regions also engage in ‘search’ terms differently. If you client is truly ‘local’ in their service and product sales area, it is crucial they market to that niche and market, not to a market 1500 miles away.

Accurate search information is crucial in developing an SEO or ad campaign towards cities where search volumes are ongoing and to define those areas where you may find a ‘sweet spot, in terms of search.

Good SEO always begins with a strong search tool. This information enables you to develop both short tail and long tail narratives to attract potential clients.


Expect more in terms of support and tools for Google Local. This is the new direction for SEO.


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