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Plano Web Designers – How Important is Google Local?

Plano Web Designers – Does Google Local Matter?

This is a top question our clients ask.  In short, yes!  Google Local Matters!

As a local web design company 2508Design is uniquely knowledgeable regarding county and state registration entities and local government aggregators of information for our clients.  We are careful to be certain our web design clients get found!  We want to share their good work and ours as well!

Three companies that aggregate business data for United States businesses, or more commonly known as a data aggregation service are:

This serves ad one feeder data source for business locations.  This means the potential exists for a businesses location to be incorrect based upon this reference source.

Obviously, these are not only feeders for Google but for other sites including Bing, Yelp, Verizon, you get the picture!

If you are registered with the Secretary of State of your state as a corporation, yes, Google will search there as well.  If you are doing business under an assumed name in you county, and that is public information that will also serve as a source.

Google uses its own Google Street View as a data reference source.  It also used Google Map Maker which is why we always include a Google map for our websites.

Be certain you are familiar with all major data aggregators or government entities that source your information.

Google will at times call businesses for verification.  Any formal internet resource should be consistent in its address and phone – Google will check those as well,.


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