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You’ve got that website in place!  We’ve done a great job meeting and exceeding your expectations.  What next?  GET FOUND!

Remember that great slide show presentation you gave?  Put it online!  Recycle it, share the content.  Give and receive!  Not every day is a great day for blogging.  Recycling in the world of SEO can create value for your audience and traffic for your website.

SlideShare is a great tool for sharing that Powerpoint presentation both before the presentation and after.  You can embed a SlideShare with or without a plugin or just leave that great PowerPoint at Slideshare to share with the rest of the world – but why forego that great opportunity.

WordPress now has an embed feature so that slide programs can be embedded just as Youtube videos are embedded.  And don’t forget – that great logo we designed, that cool banner – place that across the top of your PowerPoint, upload your presentation to Slideshare and begin sharing with the world.

Embed it all on your website – and you are creating value.



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