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Trouble Shooting a Word Press Blog

Updating Your Word Press Blog!

Has WordPress delivered a new version? Do you see that little yellow bar at the top of your WordPress Dashboard?

Word Press TutorialStep One: BACKUP UP!

Not all plugin and/or themes will be compatible with the new WordPress Version every time. It is rare but it has happened that with the installation of a new version of WordPress your website may not appear correctly.  Issues manifest themselves in different ways.

If you update and your website does not appear correctly it is essential that you have backed up your WordPress Tables and you SQL database this will not cause overwhelming difficulty. If you have not backed up your website and the newest version of WordPress is not compatible, you can restore your site to its former glory, though it is not always quick and/or simple to do so.

How to Back Up.

Backup Services:  There are many ways to back up a site. You may have a back up service with continuous or manual back up such as Mozy or Carbonite.

Review of Top Ten Backup Services.

Hosting Backup:  Your hosting service offers a backup generally.  Log in and backup!  Be sure you backup BOTH your WordPress Tables and you SQL database.  We use HostGator.  They make backup quick and easy.  They also have chat support, phone support and email support.

Hostgator also offers a quick and detailed video on ‘backing up’!  That’s why we love them,  well, that and the great price, great service and great product.

hostgatorbackup copy

Backup at your source/desktop Western Digital offers storage in the form of external hard drives  that are reasonably priced.  Be certain to backup both your tables in Word Press and your text in you SQL Database.


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